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On our annual From The Heart Dentistry Day, our mission is to provide free dentistry to our local community and to those in need, alleviating pain and suffering from dental disease. We strive to give back to our local community by seeing as many patients as we possibly can who cannot afford dental treatment.

The dentists and staff donate all their time to treat the patients.  The Korando Dental Group provides the company’s building and equipment.  Many local Florence business owners donate their services to help make this free dental day possible. It is truly community members helping their community, and we are so grateful to be able to give back.

Please join us each August as we experience the joy in helping others to be free of pain.

2016’s From The Heart Dentistry Day will be Thursday, August 25.

History of From The Heart Dentistry

From the day they opened their practice in Florence, one of Dr. and Wendy Korando’s dreams was to provide free care to marginalized and special-needs populations who need, but cannot afford, all levels of care.

In the early years of their dental practice, when Nolan and Ryan were still young, they wanted them to learn to give freely and compassionately to their fellow man. The Korandos would open their practice’s doors on Christmas Eve and give the gift of free dentistry. What a true blessing that was, changing each of them, and their staff, at a heart level.

For more than 30 years, The Korando Dental Group has opened their doors for special events to treat those at-need populations. That gift of improved health, and improved smiles, has indeed improved the lives of around 50 individuals each year. Over the years, that’s about 1500 dental visits valued at more than a half-million dollars that these patients may never have made.

In 2008, after much planning, the Korandos formally launched From The Heart Dentistry as a 501c3 non-profit organization to serve patients in desperate need to be relieved of pain and suffering brought on by poor dental hygiene.

People often ask if this day is a lot of work. It is. But it is the most gratifying day of the year.

The desperate, heart-wrenching need for proper dental care for hundreds of underserved people here in Florence, and hundreds more along the Oregon Coast, is staggering. Too many people have been held back in life by missing or severely crooked teeth, badly stained teeth, or severe oral health problems. We change that for several dozen individuals each year. Our annual From The Heart Dentistry event helps relieve a crushing demand for desperately needed life-changing, compassionate dentistry.

Each patient we meet is deserving of respect and dignity, and needs just a little help that will have big results for their lives. We have had patients who received corrective work who went on to regain their confidence and get a job. During each year’s event, we educate patients, strengthen their self-esteem, improve their quality of life, give children what their parents cannot, and fill the gap between the destitute and the insured. After all, why should just those who can pay cash, or who have great insurance, be the only ones with a healthy mouth and a great smile? Some people get ahead in life because their smile opens doors of opportunity that others can’t enter. A person’s confidence and personal advancement can rise and fall with their smile. We put these underserved people on that upward path.

From the Heart Dentistry is a 501c3 non-profit. Financial contributions are tax-deductible.

From The Heart Dentistry Day…changing lives of underserved people by providing free dental care resulting in improved oral health, renewed confidence, enhanced lives, and personal advancement.